I help women who feel unworthy come back home to their body, so they can end their fight with food by truly feeling again.


Hey! I’m Richelle, a Food Freedom Coach.  I help women get off the rollercoaster cycle of dieting and binge eating by gently guiding them back home to their body and building emotional intimacy.

I spent many years myself fighting food and my body, completely disconnected and stuck in my head.  I learned at a very young age, like many of us do, that my worth was attached to the way my physical body looked.  I learned that fat was bad and skinny was good, and to get love from others I had to fit the societal ideals I saw in magazines and movies.

My struggle started with anorexia as a way to feel a sense of control and certainty in my life. That lasted for about a year and then turned into a restrict-binge cycle in which I used exercise to purge my binges.  The thing I’ve come to know is that food is not the problem.  Our relationship with food, exercise and our body is just a symptom of deeper wounding, pain and issues we haven’t looked at.   This is why more control with food in the form of diets and restriction does not work. It’s a bandaid approach and we can’t use an external fix for an internal problem.  We need to go within.

Just as the struggle with food and our bodies impact all areas of our life like relationships, finances, health & wellbeing, our self-esteem and confidence; the work also helps all these areas.   The work I talk about is peeling back the layers of who you aren’t to get to the core of who you are.  It’s about removing the masks we wear to protect ourselves, letting go of the identities that keep us stuck, challenging the beliefs we’ve borrowed and feeling our fears then looking at their validity.  It’s about connection.  Connection to your body, your inner child, your intuition and your higher self.

The work is about really learning how to feel the emotions in your body and honouring them by allowing them to move through you, instead of stuffing them down or avoiding them with food, social media or any other coping mechanism.  Often people think they are feeling emotions, but what they’re actually feeling is the suffering created by the stories in their minds.  As you can see this work has very little to do with food.  At this point, I’m sure you’ve tried diet after diet, plan after plan, program after program that all involve the focus of food and control.  The packaging and title may have been different but essentially they are all the same thing; a quick, external fix.  I know you’re ready to try something different.  You can feel that there is more for you than this struggle with food and your body and you’re sick of it holding you back in your life.

I know what it’s like to struggle so much, feel like you’re broken and that something is deeply wrong with you.  I get it.  I also know what it’s like to find your power, uncover your truth and move into becoming who you are at your core, which is only love.  I want the same for you.

Pretty Is A Lie

What if I told you, the word ‘pretty’ is a skin deep, six feet letter prison they put you in.

They say, “If you lost some weight, you’d be so pretty.” They say, “If your skin was clearer, you’d be so pretty.”

But what they really mean is, “If only you looked like our mass-produced ideal, you’d be so pretty.”

Let me tell you a secret they do not want you to know, nothing about you is pretty nor will it ever be so.

You see, pretty is too small and simple a word to capture the exquisitely complex human phenomenon you are,

every atom of you was plucked in the quiet cosmic moments between supernova and stars,

A carefully chosen palette of your skin, your eyes, your muscles and bones from sunsets and skies.

So when they tell you about how pretty you could be if only- Cut them off and say ‘pretty’ is nor your worth or value nor something you have ever aspired to be.

Nikita Gill

Training & Certifications

MindBody Therapy Certification through Embodied Philosophy, Currently enrolled.

Somatic Stress Release Certification, Level 1 with Dr. Scott Lyons, 2019

A Year of Love Masterclass with Kelsey Grant, 2019

Hungry For Happiness Coaching Certification, 2018

-200 hr Yoga Teacher Training through Empowered Yoga, 2017 + 25 hr Movement Medicine (Intelligence of sequencing) + 25 hr PTSD & Trauma Informed Yoga

The Cognitive Approach For Problematic Eating, 2016

-Functional Diagnostic Nutrition, 2015

-Diploma in Natural Nutrition, Canadian School of Natural Nutrition, 2013