I am the most sought after body awareness coach and I empower women globally to get off the diet cycle for good and fall in love with their body and life by changing their rigid thinking and awareness with food.



I use the cognitive and coach approach to empower women to change their black and white thinking, so that they can embrace their bodies and come back to their natural weight.  I do this by 1:1 coaching, public speaking, group programs, workshops, retreats and media.



Too many women diet, struggle with loving themselves and base their worth on their external appearance. This can affect every aspect of their lives including relationships, career, physical health as well as mental/emotional health. It doesn’t need to be this way and through my mission I want to change this, because I believe that women can use their voices to contribute for the better good of humanity when they aren’t being held back by their own self-limiting beliefs about their bodies and food.


Core Values:

Radical Vulnerability & Authenticity

Living in alignment with who we really are, speaking our truth and not being afraid to show our vulnerabilities.

Inner Connection & Calmness

Being connected to our highest self and continuing to learn to listen to our intuition by getting quiet and finding our inner calm place.

Personal & Spiritual Growth

To live from a place of always being open to learning and seeking to continue to grow.


Taking control of our lives and shifting our mindsets to know we have power over our life.  Food freedom, body freedom, financial freedom, time freedom. Freedom.


Making our mental, spiritual and physical health a priority because without it we cannot live fully.

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