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Are you ready to break the diet-binge cycle for good and fall in love with your body and life by changing your rigid thinking and awareness around food?

I get how painful and dark that cycle can be because I was there for almost a decade until I hit rock bottom. I continued to hate my body and tried to control it by restricting my food and exercising more. Inevitably I’d always end up binge eating though and this sent me down a spiral of shame and self-hatred. I felt completely hopeless in the cycle and it affected my whole life, from friends, family, dating, finances, education and career.

I spent the majority of my days thinking about my weight and the scale always determined if I’d have a good or bad day. There were times my weight yo-yoed up and down so much that it was quite obvious and then other times where I could maintain my weight because I was exercising so much. I began to feel depressed and so alone.

Little did I know my constant focus on trying to find an external fix by restricting more and exercising more wasn’t helping but making the issue worse. The thing is, food is not the problem!

We need to look under the food but we’ve become so disconnected from following others rules and being stuck up in our heads about what we should and shouldn’t do that we’ve forgotten how to listen to our own bodies. Food is talking to us and when it gets loud we know there is something in our life not in alignment and it’s up to us to do the inner work required to connect and find out.

Dieting, binge eating, over exercising, low body image, all of these things have deeper underlying root causes and we’ve just developed them as coping mechanisms.

When I first started working as a Certified Holistic Nutritional Consultant I thought I wanted to help with hormonal health and even ended up taking another course to run labs. I quickly realized that telling people what to eat and creating meal plans didn’t feel in alignment for me. It just didn’t feel good because I knew this isn’t what would help the people I want to help. The women I want to help have hormonal issues and other health issues because they’ve been neglecting their mental, emotional and spiritual health by continuing to try to use an external fix as a bandaid to their binge eating.

This is when I discovered the Cognitive Approach to Problematic Eating, which involves using mindfulness to create awareness and increase consciousness, so that we can then change their distorted thought patterns that keep them stuck and triggered to continue to use food to cope.   This is what has helped me tremenduously as well and what I continue to work on as there is no quick fix. It’s a journey and a practice of going within and reconnecting with yourself.

I’ve seen this work not only change my own life but the lives of my client’s as well because this stuff affects every area of your life and when you begin doing the work you can’t not work on everything. You also can’t undo your knowing, so will never go back to your old ways. You will become more conscious and when you notice food getting loud you will know to look within and have the tools to do so.

This is what I teach in my 12 week EAT FROM LOVE Journey

Client Testimonial:

I have spent a life time struggling with my weight, my body image and distorted thinking that came along with believing that arriving at the perfect weight, would allow me to achieve happiness and joy in my life. As the years progressed I knew that this cycle was not only unhealthy but was depriving me of the happiness and joy I so desired. This began the search for a new way of “weight loss”. What I found was something so much more. I believe it was through divine intervention that a life long friend happened to post on their Facebook site a message that resonated with me, and with that I found Richelle. I began to follow her and her message spoke directly to the heart of what I was searching for. We booked a discovery call and with further information about her cognitive approach to the way women view food and our distorted thinking about body image and food, I signed up for her 12-week program. At the beginning, I was hesitant and have to say I feared this being another “program” that just might lead to me further into the cyclical patterns of the past. But with Richelle’s guidance this program brought me enlightenment, growth, insight, and helped to put me on a path to healthy thoughts, healthy movement, and a beginning of an incredible journey that brings with it new consciousness and understanding each day. Is this easy, NO, is it worth it YES, if you are ready to move away from that cycle of lies and untruths and move toward embracing yourself, loving yourself, and accepting yourself, then I wholeheartedly recommend this 12-week program. It has brought a self awareness into my life that has allowed me to begin to LOVE me.

~Sharon DeVries

Join me for my 12 week program
 The EAT FROM LOVE Journey For Women
This program is for you if:
  • You’re ready to improve your relationship with food and step away from the diet- binge/emotional eating cycle.
  • You want to learn to accept and love your body so you can feel comfortable in it.
  • You want to improve your health and land at your own healthy set point weight without having to fight your body anymore.
  • You want to bring your metabolism, hormones and digestion back into balance.
  • You want to develop your own spiritual practice to help you improve your relationship with your body, exercise and food.
  • You want to learn to nourish your body and eat from a place of self-love.
  • You want to boost your self-esteem, gain confidence and finally be able to practice authenticity and vulnerability with others.
  • You want to be able to exercise and move your body from a place of celebration, not punishment.
Program Details

Your one-on-one coaching program is completely personalized to your unique situation and goals. The following is an example of topics we will cover.

Week 1:

Learn how to use food journaling as an experiment to notice patterns, triggers, emotions and thoughts that come up.  We also use the food journal to make sure you’re eating enough and regularly.  This is not the same as tracking to control food intake. We are letting go of control and observing. This week we also start with getting you on a regular eating schedule if you aren’t already.  We talk a bit about mindful eating and creating body awareness, but delve deeper into these areas in later weeks.  We will also tackle belief systems right away and do some cognitive restructuring to help you update those faulty belief systems that are keeping you stuck in negative thought patterns and behaviours.

Week 2:

Reviewing the food journal and coming up with alternatives and plans to prevent the triggers you’ve uncovered.  We talk about restriction and dropping the diet mentality and scale!  We may also work on setting boundaries with a specific exercise I will guide you through. Many emotional eaters struggle with self sacrificing and this is where learning how to set boundaries is important.

Week 3:

Food Plan!  We talk about bio-individuality and make a food plan for your specific needs.  This is not a diet but rather a tool that’s adaptable and will help us identify what is working for your body and what isn’t.  We will talk about meal planning, which is important in helping resolve overeating.  We’ll look at danger foods and the thinking behind them. Again, this is not rigid and won’t be something you have to do forever unless you enjoy it. It is an important step to help you stop overeating.  We never forget about intuition and trusting our bodies during this process.

Week 4:

Spirituality is an important aspect of healing the physical but also the mental/emotional part of our health.  This doesn’t mean religion, but a connection to your deepest self.  You’ll learn to build your own practice that will work best for you to connect to your higher self and help you tune into what your own inner wisdom is telling you.  This is all about releasing control, going within and learning to listen to your intuition.

Week 5:

This week’s all about nutrition and helping you decipher how to build healthy, balanced meals and which foods will support you with feeling your best.  This includes balancing your blood sugar to prevent binge/emotional eating.  We will also talk a bit about exercise and body image.  Let go of calorie counting and/or tracking and focus on how your plate is put together instead, as well as what your intuition tells you to eat.  Let go of restrictions and labeling of foods as “good” or “bad.” Instead, experiment to see how different foods make you feel.

Week 6:

Mindfulness is the topic for this week and we’ll start to focus on really becoming present with food and in your body.  We will work on different mindfulness tools and pay attention to our hunger signals.   Learn to pay attention to those thoughts in your head, how they make you feel and then change them. The cognitive work is the most important part of this program, as you cannot change anything if you don’t change your thoughts.  Mindfulness is key in being able to notice those thoughts in the first place!

Week 7:

Stress the nervous system, adrenal health and how it all relates to binge/emotional eating.  We will also look at how our thoughts can be the greatest form of stress and work on shifting them. Throughout this program we continue to work on the cognitive restructuring as things come up.

Week 8:

A deeper look at triggers and food and more activities to combat them.  We’ll also talk about how to introduce danger foods back into your “diet” so that you can eat them normally without them triggering a binge.

Week 9:

Boundaries, Codependency and Food.  You’ll complete a questionnaire to find out if you’re in a co-dependent relationship and then do boundary activities to change that!  The relationship you have with yourself needs to be in a good place first before you build relationships with other people, whether that is friends, family or a significant other.

Week 10:

Self-Esteem and Your Thoughts.  We’ll look at shifting any thoughts you have around self-esteem. This is a big one that involves body image and how we see ourselves and where our worth lies.

Week 11:

Guilt, Shame and Your Thoughts.  We’ll look at shifting your thinking around perfectionism (black and white thinking).  This will also tie into body image and we’ll be focusing on lots of self-care plus the power of practicing vulnerability and authenticity to release shame.

Week 12:

Relapse prevention.  A review of all the tools so you can move forward with the knowing that you are capable to do this on your own.  Also a reminder that perfection does not exist and you may have times where these negative thoughts around your body show up again.  Or you may find yourself reaching for food and eating mindlessly to tune out.  The difference will be that you have the tools and mindset shift to deal with these situations and not act on them.  The journey of growth never ends and that’s the beauty of it!  You will never feel stagnant again when you start this journey.

Through our work together you can expect to achieve:

  • Increased body confidence and self-love.
  • Get to the root of your binge/emotional eating so you can end the vicious cycle.
  • Mindfulness practices, which will allow you to stay conscious so you can learn what your triggers and how to deal with them.
  • Stabilize your weight and improve your health.
  • Develop your own spiritual practice that will help ground you and keep you present every day.
  • Improved relationship with food, seeing it as nourishment, joy and love.
  • Improved and stable moods.
  • A healthy relationship with exercise.

Your EAT FROM LOVE Journey includes:

  • A comprehensive welcome packet that gets clear on your goals and desires and helps us determine any mindset issues that are standing in your way.
  • 12 45-60 minute coaching calls where you will receive support, feedback and accountability.
  • 90 days of personalized email support to get your questions answered between sessions.

Investment $1297 +GST paid in full

*Monthly installments available per request

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