Signs You’re Exercising Too Much (video)

Signs You're Exercising Too Much

In todays video I wanted to talk about some signs to look out for that indicate you’re exercising too much.  Women who struggle with body image tend to push themselves too hard in the gym.  We may use exercise in a negative manner and not from a place of self love.

I know from experience when I speak about this and as you’ll hear in the video I used to push my body pretty hard with hours of exercise.  The driving factor was to make myself thinner and thinner because growing up I learned that my worth was based on my body size and that being thin was good.

Obviously this is not true, although sometimes with all the messages the media and society give us you’d think it were true.  Always know that you’re worth has nothing to do with how our body physically looks in this world.  Now before I go on too much of a rant, I’ll let you watch the video on Signs You’re Exercising Too Much.

This is not an indefinite list and there are more signs to watch out for but this video was getting too long as it was!  Also know that my symptoms were compounded by the fact that I was under eating for my activity levels.  Not fuelling your body properly is another stressor and makes your body think it’s in a famine.  I hope you found this video helpful and if you’ve realized that you are experiencing some of these symptoms from exercising too much, I would highly suggest taking some time off and doing some more gentle movement like walking and restorative yoga.

I understand it can be hard but learn from my experience and stop before you push it too the point that you begin to experience the symptoms and health issues like I did.  To start at least try decreasing the frequency and intensity of your workouts and never compare yourself to what others are doing.  We all have different thresholds to stress based on various factors like our genetics, other stressors in our life, internal stressors, quality of sleep, nutrition, etc.

As I mentioned in the video I became so exhausted and it was hard just to make it through the day.  I remember crying a lot and just feeling flat and apathetic without any drive or passion.  You do not want to live life like this.  Life is too precious and using exercise to control our bodies is just not worth it.

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