2 Questions To Ask Yourself About Your Relationship To Exercise (video)

2 Questions To Ask Yourself About Your Relationship To Exercise

I’ve talked a lot about my over exercising past and how I beat myself into the ground running, spinning, boot camping, swimming and doing two a day workouts.  My sole motivation for exercising so much was to lose weight and get thinner and thinner.  I had a dysfunctional relationship with food, my body and exercise which led to many health issues.

Once I started to work on improving my health, overcoming adrenal dysfunction and amenorrhea I had to get really honest with myself about why I was choosing to exercise.  At one point I was doing Crossfit 5 days a week and had been taking bio-identical hormones for the past year but still hadn’t regained my menstrual cycle.  I finally realized I needed to back off if I seriously wanted to improve my hormonal health.  I quit Crossfit and replaced it with yoga and within a month I had experienced my first menstrual cycle since coming off the birth control pill over two years previously.

I’ve been able to wean myself off the bio-identical hormones at this point and maintain a regular menstrual cycle.  During the process I’ve fallen back into pushing my body too much with exercise more times than I care to admit, but it’s always a learning experience.  I truly do love fitness and how it makes me feel, but now I have to be really honest with myself and chose forms of exercise that won’t push me back into that chronic stress state.

There are 2 questions I always ask myself to check in and see where I’m at.  I’m focused on my health now and so it’s important for me to find that happy medium, as not exercising doesn’t make me feel good either.  In todays video I share a recent experience I had and the 2 Questions To Ask Yourself About Your Relationship To Exercise.

Dance parties are always a good choice for exercise or movement in my opinion!  Especially when you have mad skills like me! 😉  I mean c’mon dancing just makes you feel so good and it’s a great way to get into your body.

I hope todays video was helpful as I know it was a big struggle for me initially but I finally feel I’m in a place where I can really listen to my body.  Its super freeing when you don’t feel the need to compete anymore.  When you can stand strong in your convictions about what is best for your body.  I want you to experience this too and if you’re interested in diving into your own journey sign up for a free discovery session with me to see if we could be a good fit.

2 thoughts on “2 Questions To Ask Yourself About Your Relationship To Exercise (video)”

  • I am just wrapping up the exact same bootcamp you talked about quitting! Good for you! I’m hindsight, I should have quit after a few weeks when I knew it wasn’t right for my body. Thank you for the reminder to not compare (which is often so hard) myself to others.

    • It can be hard not to compare ourselves to others but we’re all so different! Personally I know I do much better with a few strength training workouts per week (no intervals), walking and yoga. I find when you’ve had a history of adrenal dysfunction it becomes even more important to choose exercise that doesn’t put you in that chronic sympathetic nervous system state.

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