4 Ways To Stop Hating Your Body

4 Ways To Stop Hating Your Body

I see too many women hating their bodies and I get it because I used to hate mine too.  It stopped me from living my life, because I was uncomfortable in my skin.  I constantly thought about how I could make my body smaller, I berated it, called it terrible names, pinched it in disgust.  I cringe now thinking about how I’ve treated my body in the past.  Your body is the vehicle to your beautiful soul and deserves all the love and care you would give a child or beloved pet.

So how can we stop hating our bodies?  There are many things I did in my journey of body hatred and low body image to improve the way I felt about my body.  I want to share the top 4 here with you, so you can start to implement them right away.  If we don’t have a good relationship with our body we will continue to struggle with food, because we’ll never be able to release the fear of weight gain.

Do things that make you feel good in your body now.

When I was in the deepest part of my struggle with food and my body, I often used exercise as punishment.  Anytime I moved my body I was focused on how many calories I was burning and how long I was spending exercising, because in my mind the more I did the better.  I was always coming from a place of fear when it came to moving my body, fear of weight gain which often looked like hate.  I was really disconnected to my body and it wasn’t until I found yoga and started taking classes that I realized I could feel really damn good in my body, without having to lose weight.

So I urge you to find something that makes you feel good in your body now.  I can tell you, it’s most likely going to be something that allows you to go within and keeps you present.  Something like walking in nature, dancing of any kind, meditation, breath work, yoga, you name it.  When we experience feeling good in our body now, it’s much easier to continue with self-care and learning to appreciate our bodies as they are.  This is living in the present.

Learn the truth about diet culture and societal messaging.

This was a big one for me!  When you start to understand how diet culture uses faulty messaging that feeds off the insecurities it’s created, you will most likely start to get angry.  And anger is okay girlfriend.  You should be pissed that you’ve been led to believe that your worth is your physical body and appearance.  You can totally feel angry about the fact that diets set us up to fail, so we keep coming back with our money.  Once you understand that it has nothing to do with the food and that an external fix of trying to control your body with restriction of food and exercise won’t get to the inner issue you’re really dealing with, you won’t fall pray to diet culture or societal ideals anymore.

This will make it so much easier to ignore the messaging that tells us we’re not good enough until we look a certain way.  This gives you the chance to change your own internal dialogue that tells you the same.  What we thing about and focus on becomes our reality, so it’s important to be mindful of the harmful stories we are telling ourselves.  Only you can know you are worthy and that comes from within.

Go within, when you feel the urge to control your body.

It’s so important that we learn to tune into our bodies so we can hear what she wants and needs.  To do this we need to get quiet.  I find meditation amazing for this and trust me the more you start meditating the more you will crave it.  Its tough at first and it took me 3 years to actually commit to a regular morning meditation practice.  Yeah I know, sometimes it takes me a long time to learn my lessons.  But when you can connect and go within and just feel, instead of being stuck up in that beautiful head of yours all the time, you will be able to honour what your body needs again.

When we hate our bodies, it’s very common to dissociate with it.  We feel so uncomfortable in our skin and when we use diets and exercise to control our body we stop listening to her signals.  So the next time you notice you are starting to feel out of control with food and then searching for a new diet or exercise program, stop and go within.  Once you have an awareness and understanding that it’s never about the food but rather food is the symptom and when it gets loud it’s telling you something deeper needs to be worked on, you can’t ever go back to using an external fix.

Practice self-care, even when you don’t feel like it.

When we hate our bodies it’s rare we feel like doing nice things for her, but it’s vital that we do.  The more we take time to take care of our bodies by resting when she needs to, moving her when she wants to move, feeding her nourishing food, spending time in nature, soaking in a hot bath, going for a massage, etc. the easier it will be to accept our bodies.  The more we take care of our bodies the more they give us in return.

Of course we can’t just do acts of self-care and still be stuck up in our head with negative thoughts, which is Why Self-Care Is Not Enough.  That being said, when we take the time to do acts of self-care we are choosing to show our bodies love.  This will helps us connect to our bodies and start to love them as they are.  This is an important step of moving away from fear and towards love when it comes to our bodies.

I think you’ll find these 4 Ways To Stop Hating Your Body important steps to take in learning self-love.  I know what its like and how it can affect your whole life when you hate the skin you’re in and I really want you to experience the freedom I have too.  I want you to learn how to stop hating your body by truly and deeply connecting with it.

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