I Experienced My First Hater

I Experienced My First Hater

I experienced my first hater last month. Someone who completely disagreed with what I was saying, actually missed the point of my post and told me some interesting things, including that I was addicted to animal products (which isn’t a thing, just in case you were wondering) and processed foods, promoting poisons and actually feeding “the problem,” not helping it.

I talk a lot about vulnerability and speaking your truth, as this was an important aspect of overcoming the food and body image struggle for me. Recently I decided to start sharing my posts that I post on my Empowered Vitality Facebook page, to my personal page. I was slightly afraid to do this before because I knew more people that I know would see my posts, which do tend to be vulnerable. For some reason it’s always easier to be vulnerable with people I don’t know than with the ones I do know. I’ve been working with a couple of amazing coaches of my own and both of them encouraged me to share more.

My previous fear was that I would be judged, that people wouldn’t respond well to what I’m putting out there and disagree with my thoughts.

Well no sooner than a few days of sharing on my personal page, someone did respond negatively. I won’t get into the nitty gritty details because in the grand scheme of things they don’t matter and my message will remain the same.  The thing is, I think I challenged this person. Whenever someone is stuck in their own black and white thinking they tend to defend their beliefs more aggressively. They also tend to act in a way that may seem like they’re attacking you and your beliefs. The truth is, it has nothing to do with you and more to do with them. This type of black and white thinking that this person was portraying is exactly what I help women with.

I help women remove fear, guilt and shame around food.

This is a really important first step for anyone that struggles with any sort of problematic relationship with food. The magic that happens when you get rid of that mindset is that it becomes easier to choose nourishing foods that make you feel good. The wagon disappears, so you are no longer on or falling off, but rather eating in a sustainable and healthy way for YOU. You start to realize that no foods are off limit and therefore your desire for the processed foods decreases. You also realize how different foods make you feel and start to choose more whole foods because they make you feel great!

Having this interaction with this person actually didn’t make me feel less than. It didn’t shut me down like it would have in the past. Instead it made me want to spread my message even more. It made me feel even more strongly about my mission to help women around the world build a happy and healthy relationship with food and their bodies, as I know how much this can flow into all other areas of their lives. It inspired me to speak my truth louder, because I feel so strongly about my message.

When women begin to shift their thought patterns and improve their relationship with food and their body, they can begin to use their voice for more important issues in the world.

They can start feeling their emotions instead of using food to cover them up and allow these emotions to move through themselves.  They get to step into their power without having the weight of all those negative thoughts around food and their body weighing them down.  This work changes their whole life as the growth they experience flows into all areas of their life.  I know, because I’ve lived this and it’s why I’m so passionate about helping other women experience this freedom and peace.

So what do I promote?

  • I promote freedom from guilt and shame around food.
  • I promote freedom from shame around your body.
  • I promote finding a balance that works for YOU.
  • I promote listening to your intuition, as your own body is the best damn nutritionist you’ll ever meet. It knows best.
  • I promote embracing imperfection and releasing black and white thinking.
  • I promote true health on a physical, mental and spiritual level.
  • I promote bio-individuality because we’re all so different.
  • I promote compassion over judgment.
  • I promote eyes on your own goddam plate.
  • I promote love over fear.
  • I promote eating from a place of love, exercising from a place of love, thinking from a place of love and living from a place of love.

That’s what I promote. And I will keep promoting this, even when other people show up that disagree, because I believe in my mission. So I’ll leave you with this. If you ever feel attacked or judged because of the way you’re doing something. It could be anything, not just food. I want you to stop and ask yourself if it’s working for you and if it feels in alignment with you? If it is and does, then carry on and disregard the other persons judgment. Your body is your own guru if you just learn to listen to it. This is what I teach my client’s. I teach them how to listen to their own bodies and to be mindful, so they’ll never have to follow another diet plan ever again.

If you are ready to stop dieting and start living, send me an email at Empoweredvitality@richelleludwig.com to set up a free discovery call.  You can also join my private Facebook group EAT FROM LOVE.  Just search for it and request to join.

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