Why Your Fear Of Weight Gain Will Keep You Stuck

Why Your Fear Of Weight Gain Will Keep You Stuck

Are you tired of trying diet after diet, plan after plan?  Are you tired of counting, weighing and measuring only to continue to struggle with binge or emotional eating?  You know you need to do something different, but you’re scared.  You’re scared to lose control because you fear weight gain.  In this post I’m going to explain why your fear of weight gain will keep you stuck.

You know that diets don’t work at this point.  You’ve experienced it for yourself.  You may have lost some weight initially but you always seem to gain the weight back, if not more.  Yet, you’re always pulled back into wanting to restrict because you are afraid to gain weight.  You think if you’re not dieting you will lose control and gain more weight.  This isn’t necessarily true, which I’ll explain in a minute.  First I want to talk about societal ideals and why the frick you’re letting your body determine your worth girlfriend!

Societal ideals are unrealistic and complete B.S. at the same time, because health and happiness looks different on everyone.

We’re all built differently and many of us need more body fat to sustain our hormone levels.  The pictures we see in the media are photoshopped and air brushed so much that the models don’t even look like themselves either.  So why are we comparing ourselves to them and striving to get a body like them?  Because we’re told we’ll be happy, popular, worthy and so on.

I’m telling you, none of those things come from the size of pants you wear or the number on the scale. That shit comes from within!  This is why I can’t tell you enough how important the inner work is.  Most of us are really looking to feel a certain way and we think that being thin will help us get there.  I can tell you this won’t happen, from my own past experience and those of many other women around the world, without a change on the inside.

You can work to change your physical body all you want, but if you don’t work on your mental, emotional and spiritual health as well, you won’t find what you’re really looking for.

Now back to why releasing control and stopping dieting won’t necessarily lead to you gaining weight.  The truth is our bodies want to achieve homeostasis and we have our own built in guidance system called our intuition.  In order to tap into that we need to completely get rid of our fear of weight gain, surrender and trust.  If we continue to have fear in the back of our minds about gaining weight we will never be able to fully release control or listen to our intuition.  It just doesn’t work.

When we do release control and start to listen to our own body’s needs our body will start to balance back out.

Our hormones will become balanced and our hunger and satiety signals will normalize.  Initially we may crave all the processed foods we so vehemently avoided, but over time we will choose foods that make us feel good.  The foods we villainized lose their appeal when we no longer restrict them.  And you know what?  That place of moderation in which we are eating nourishing foods the majority of the time but also eat food solely for pleasure at times, far outweighs the extreme pendulum swings of squeaky “clean” restrictive eating to full bore binge weeks of all the processed foods.  If you are anything like I was, those full bore binge weeks also included all my healthy habits disappearing, like getting enough sleep, drinking enough water, taking my supplements, meditating and moving my body.  That’s all-or-nothing thinking at it’s finest my friends and it’s no fun.

Why Your Fear Of Weight Gain Will Keep You Stuck

That constant yo-yoing is hard on our bodies, just as it is on our mental health.  When you release that black and white thinking you’ll find that your weight will also stabilize at its own unique happy set point, to which you have no control over.  Embrace it, accept it, and love it.  This physical body of yours is carrying your beautiful soul on this earth, in this lifetime.  And that in and of itself is miraculous!

If you find that you are often mindlessly overeating past the point of fullness, then it’s time to look underneath the food.

What are you really needing in your life?  What emotions are your trying to push down?  What thoughts are triggering you?  What belief systems trigger those thought patterns that keep you stuck?  This is all apart of that inner work.

So that fear of weight gain will keep you stuck, because if you can’t completely surrender and trust your own body, you’ll always be fighting against it.  If you’re ready to release control and learn to trust your body and look at the real underlying reasons as to why you use food to cope my 12 week EAT FROM LOVE Journey for women is just for you.  Send me an email at Empoweredvitality@richelleludwig.com to book your free Choosing You Chat so we can see if we’re a good food to work together.

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