How I Deal With Negative Thoughts About My Body (video)

How I Deal With Negative Thoughts About My Body

I believe body image work is something that continues throughout life.  At least I’ve noticed this for myself and I’ll never tell you I’ve made it and don’t struggle anymore.  I’m human and susceptible to having these thoughts creep back into my head.  I created a video to share my thoughts on some recent things that have cropped up for me and what I’m doing to continue to support my growth in this area instead of reverting back to my old ways.

This doesn’t mean that in the beginning I never reverted back to my old ways.  It’s a process that’s not linear and will include ups and downs.  If this happens to you, forgive yourself and move on.  Trust me, it’s okay and part of the journey to accepting and loving yourself and your body.

Be sure to watch to the end as I’ve included some bloopers!

Did I forget to mention that dancing is a great form of self care as well!  It’s a great stress buster that always makes me smile and laugh at myself for being goofy and shaking my booty.  My dog also cracks me up because she always goes stiff when I pick her up!

One thing I forgot to mention in the video as far as exercise and movement goes, is that some days I don’t do any.  Some days I’m tired and I’ll choose to curl up on the couch with my boyfriend, our dog and the cat and watch some T.V. instead.  I just try my best to listen to my body and my mind to understand what it really needs.  I hope you found my video helpful or at least realized that you’re not alone.

If you’re interested in learning more or working with me, head over to my Work With Me page.  There you can sign up for a free discovery session to see if we’re a good fit to start working on building your health and Vitality through self love!

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