An Open Letter To Women Planning To Start A Diet This Year

An Open Letter To Women Planning On Starting A Diet This Year

Maybe you feel like this will be the year that you’ll find the willpower to stick to a diet and get the body of your dreams. Maybe you’ve found a new diet that looks promising and you’re thinking, “This will be the one.” Maybe you’re also planning your daily exercise routine or saving up for that gym membership you’re planning to buy. Maybe you’ve bought a 30 day program, detox or challenge.

Let me ask you this, has restriction and over exercise worked in the past? Has it been sustainable? More importantly, did it truly make you happy and experience freedom and peace around food and your body?

If not, then why are you planning to do it again? Restriction is restriction no matter what package it comes in. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting a different result. I urge you to think twice about starting another diet this year.

Have you heard the stats on the success rates of dieting? It’s incredibly low. Diets don’t work as our bodies can’t tell the difference between a famine and self-induced restriction. Our bodies are smart and want to keep us alive, so will increase our hunger and cravings. Why do you think you inevitably end up binge/emotional eating? Yes, restriction is one of the biggest causes of those food binges.

Dieting sets us up to fail, so the diet industry can keep making money off the very insecurities they contribute to.

Restriction also affects our health in many ways. Have you ever experienced trouble falling asleep, waking up early and then having trouble falling back to sleep, constipation, bloating, low blood sugar, cold hands and feet, depression and anxiety, irregular menstrual cycle, PMS, reduced libido, increased urgency and frequency to urinate? These are all symptoms that dieting contributes to. I know because I experienced all of them and got rid of them when I got rid of restriction.

I offer you a solution to break this diet-binge/emotional eating, shame cycle this year. Instead of focusing on the weight you need to lose, think of how you want to feel. What is it you want to feel next year? Often it’s happiness, peace, sexy, freedom, vital, comfortable in your skin, etc.  I can tell you that all of this stuff comes from within and requires the inner work.

You can pursue your ideal body all you want, but you’ll never truly be happy until you look within.

This year take a look at the thoughts in your head. Journal around the emotions you feel when you reach for food. What is food helping you cope with?  Where in your life are you not feeling fulfilled? You need to understand that your body is not your worth. You are worthy of love and respect just as you are. What makes you beautiful is your heart, mind and soul, not the size of your jeans or the number on the scale. When you become aware of this it gets easier to dismiss the messages we get from society and the media telling us we need to look a certain way.

I too fell for diet culture’s messaging in the past and I’ve seen how it can affect your whole life. I’ve seen how this obsession and drive to have the perfect body and putting so much worth in our physical appearance can affect all the relationships in your life. Most importantly the relationship we have with ourselves.

I’ve also been able to experience what its like on the other side. The freedom and peace you can experience by releasing control and learning to listen to your body instead of a meal plan or calorie counting app.

Diet mentality is keeping you small. I want women to stop being small and use their voices for the greater good of this world, which is exactly what happens when we as a collective stop focusing on food, exercise and our bodies so much. We develop a true sense of self and release any of that shame we felt around our eating habits and our bodies.

So this year, say no to diets and yes to life. It will likely be your most challenging, but also rewarding year yet!  If you’re looking for a sisterhood of body positive women who are done with dieting and ready to start living then join us in the EAT FROM LOVE private Facebook group.

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