A Letter To My Body

Dear Body

Dear body,

This journey back home to you is layered.

Somedays it’s agonizing, while others are so sweet.

Just when I think I’ve surrendered into trust, more depth reveals itself.

Sometimes I default back to operating from my head, ignoring you.

Somedays the thoughts are so loud, I can’t hear you.

Other moments, I feel your love, so simply. Right there.

From the pleasure of electric chills that run up and down my spine to the crushing weight of what feels like the Titanic on my chest.

Numbness existed in my mind.

Not feeling was not living.

Not feeling was crushing my spirit.

Even through the pain and fear my spirit flourishes.

Each time I’ve abandoned you, I bring myself back.

Because of the sweetness I’ve discovered through the discomfort, I will continue to come back.

Over and over and over again.

I will keep coming back to you.

My only intention is to make you my constant home during my time here on earth.

Forgive me when I leave.

Be patient with me when I don’t listen to you.

I’m learning and unlearning.

You’re so important to me and I know you have so much to teach me.

Thank you for guiding me.

I love you.

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