This Is For The Quiet Ones

This is for the quiet ones

The highly sensitive ones.

The introverts. The empaths.

The shy ones.

In a world full of the extremes of black and white.

The grey is where your magic alchemizes.

In a world full of people shouting for attention, likes and followers.

The whisper of your truth speaks louder.

In a world full of self manufactured authority.

Your integrity is invaluable.

Your patience in cultivating wisdom and. your unique medicine is valuable.

In a world full of smoke and mirrors.

Settling in for the long road will reap more.

In a world full of flashy and loud.

Your depth is anything but boring.

In a world full of premature wisdom.

Trust your process and your timeline.

This is for the quiet ones.

I see you.

I am you.

You don’t need to mold yourself to fit societies idea of success or value.

Step off the freeway of hustle that is not meant for you.

It depletes you.

Step onto the overgrown path to your souls essence and expansion.

It will feed you.

And when you’re fed, your souls medicine will heal.

If anything, take this as permission to let go of what’s not aligned.

To understand there’s nothing wrong with you if the ways of the masses aren’t working for you.

There’s another way for you and you can already feel that.

Trust it.

No one knows better than you, not even the self proclaimed experts.

You are the expert of your own heart, body and soul.

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