To The Wounded Sensitive Ones

The wounded sensitive ones often don’t even know they’re sensitive.

You see, they’ve gotten really good at creating a hard shell to protect themselves.

They are so far away from their sensitivity because it caused them great pain at some point.

It’s been pushed to the depths of their shadow.




They’ve built up layers, protectors and masks to keep them safe.

They get used to the heaviness of their armor.

They move through the world not knowing their true essence.

Believing they are the angry one.

Believing they are the shy one.

Believing they are the unworthy one.

Believing they are the anxious one.

Believing they’re the depressed one.

Believing they’re broken, because they don’t have access to their wholeness.

Believing that everything is fine, except its not.

Believing they have high standards, when truly there’s a perfectionist part protecting them.

Believing they’re just a nice person, when really a people pleasing part is trying to keep them safe.

The wounded sensitive ones often feel weak.

They think they are relishing in being a victim and feel more self-loathing.

Dear sensitive one, you are anything but weak.

This world likes to victim shame, because they deny the pain of their own traumas.

It’s easier to spiritual bypass than feel the depths of it all.

You are powerful beyond measure.

You may not have tapped into it yet, but there’s a soft, quiet power within you.

It speaks louder than words spoken out loud, voice raised or not.

It’s potent and it’s your superpower.

For its a gift that heals.

Once you tap into it, your ability to create safety and hold space is medicine for this world.

Your ability to see others deeply and hear them with your whole body is magic.

Your deep presence is anything but weak and worthless.

It’s in accessing, understanding and accepting your sensitivity that you feel your innate wholeness.

Dear one, you’re not alone and we need you.

Your armor has protected you, yet it stops you from accessing your power.

It’s in the vulnerability of your softness beneath the hardness of your shield, where you true power exists.

Please don’t let this world change you forever.

Do take your time in removing the armor.

Build your capacity slowly.

Trust your process.

Build your foundation steadily.

Deeply root yourself.

Your journey is a regenerative one.

Because slowness is what truly heals in this patriarchal world.

There will be a day you stop apologizing for your sensitivity.

For feeling deeply.

For seeing more than others see.

For hearing the nuance in words and tone.

There will be a day that you feel the lightness of your inner strength, without armor.

There will be a day that you settle into your whole being and finally like being yourself.

No longer comparing your essence with others because they’re all beautiful.

Acceptance is your way.

How healing it is to understand and accept the parts that make up who you are.

It’s in the integration that you know you never were broken.

Just wounded.

And although time doesn’t heal, your courage to meet parts of yourself and feel again, will heal.

Sensitive one, the journey back home to yourself won’t be easy, but it is this journey that gives you soul, depth and wisdom.

True wisdom isn’t given, but forged in the fires of life.

The world is waiting.

Your soul is waiting.

One small step forward at a time, will over time lead you to what you desire and know to be your path.

You can trust yourself and you’ll learn how to on this journey.

I see you.

I feel you.

The real authentic you.

She will emerge in her own time.

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