4 Tips To Help You Stop Binge Eating (video)

4 Tips To Help You Stop Binge Eating

I developed anorexia in high school after a number of losses.  It was a way to find control as everything else around me felt out of control.  Shortly after high school I moved to another city with my family, as I was enrolled to take my EMR (emergency medical responder) there.  I began to struggle with binge eating and felt completely out of control again.  This was the start of a decade long struggle in the binge-restrict cycle with food.  I’ve learned some things along the way that can really help you stop binge eating and wanted to share them in todays video.

I know, I completely forgot the dance party today but hopefully you got some dancing in with the music at the end.  I used to be so self conscious about myself and wouldn’t dance, unless of course I was under the influence of alcohol.  I remember going to a Nickleback concert (don’t hate, I actually love their music and I’m an Alberta girl!) and sitting the whole time, even when everyone else around me was standing up and I couldn’t see anything.  It was that bad.

Now I can go dancing cold sober and not give a flying f*** what others think about me!  Because truly no one is watching or cares and if they do, I don’t care!  So this is part of the reason I like to bust out a dance party at the end of my videos.  Plus dancing just makes you feel good and it’s hard not to smile when you’re dancing.

I hope the tips in the video helped you and like I mentioned they’re a good starting place but eventually you have to get to the root thought patterns that are leading to you numbing out with food.  I help people do this in my 3 month program The Empowered Vitality Journey For Women.  I help you change your thought patterns so you can break the cycle of binge eating for good.  If you’re interested in booking a free discovery call to learn more please send me an email.  I would love to hear from you!

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