Are You Being Honest About Your Relationship With Food?

You Being Honest About Your Relationship With Food?

Do you struggle with binge/emotional eating? Do you find yourself constantly falling for a new diet or meal plan only to get stuck in that diet cycle of restricting followed by binge eating?

Here’s the thing. People get comfortable in their pain. They get used to their struggle and forget how it truly affects their lives and how they could actually be living. They’ve been in this pain for so long that it seems impossible to imagine anything else. So they settle. They settle to a life of struggle, not fully lived.

Let me ask you. Are you being honest about your relationship with food?

Until we get honest we can’t heal my friends. So I’m asking you to get damn honest right now.

How is this struggle affecting romantic relationships in your life? How does it affect the relationships you have with family, friends and co-workers? How does it affect the way you feel about yourself? How has your social life been impacted by your struggle with food? How are finances affected?  How has your motivation and organization been affected? What about your career? Do you struggle with vulnerability and being your true self around others? Do you have trouble using your voice and setting boundaries with others? Do you constantly feel stuck in a vicious cycle with food? Do you struggle with energy and sleep? How are your moods and your physical health? Digestion, hormones, sleep. etc? How long has this struggle with food affected you? What will happen if you keep going down the road you’re on?

The story I kept telling myself was that if I just worked on my physical health (Adrenal dysfunction, steroid sex hormone imbalance, underactive thyroid, digestion, etc.) these very intense, overwhelming “cravings” would go away. I told myself I had to try harder to get over my food problem. I told myself maybe I needed to eat less carbs or maybe it was more carbs I needed. Maybe I needed to eat more fat or protein? Maybe I needed to start counting calories again, or maybe I should try counting macros? I told myself it would be different this year, because yes this went on for years.

I worked on optimizing my circadian rhythm, going to bed early, exercising correctly, adding in self-care and rest. I began meditating, journaling and reading self-help books. I worked with nutritionists, a naturopath and an integrative doctor. Heck, I even became trained as a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner to dig deeper into functional medicine myself.

The biggest shift came when I began working with a coach to deal with the root cause.

This was the only thing that helped me achieve real freedom. I’m telling you that nothing else will matter until you address the real cause of your emotional/binge eating.

Here’s what needs to happen. You need to update your faulty belief systems that are learned in childhood. These belief systems lead to the self limiting thought patterns that cause the emotions, that trigger you to eat.  Yes, working on the physiological triggers like restriction, blood sugar balance and sleep are important too and will help a bit. Most of us who struggle for years with binge/emotional eating are using food to cope with emotions. We don’t know how to feel our emotions and process them plus we constantly get triggered by our belief systems.

And enough about being ready to make a change. You will never feel ready for anything in life, whether that’s having kids, taking that course you’ve always wanted to take, quitting your full-time job to pursue your dreams or deciding it’s time to do some inner healing work. You just have to choose to initiate a change in your life. You have to decide to be non-negotiable about your health and life and jump 2 feet in. This means getting help because you can’t do this on your own.

I thought I would always and didn’t think it was possible to break free. This thought kept me stuck in the struggle longer than necessary. You don’t have to reach a rock bottom like I did before changing your life. You just have to choose. You don’t need to know the when or the how. You just have to trust the why and the possibilities. Be aware that you desire a different way of life and wellness and just choose.

So if this is you I would be honoured to coach you through my 12 week EAT FROM LOVE Journey for women, that will help you dig deeper and do the inner healing required to gain food freedom forever. Contact me at to set up a free Choosing You Chat.

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