How To Trust Your Body

How To Trust Your Body

So many women lose connection with their bodies from following external rules from diets, counting calories or macros and specific exercise programs.  They lose the ability to listen to their inner guidance system, which is the one thing we need to move towards our highest potential.  They get stuck up in their head and disconnected to their body, the one guru they should be listening to.  So in todays video I’m sharing how to trust your body.

I get it.  For years I had no clue how to trust my body either.  I followed all the rules I learned in the media and online.  I thought I was being healthy.  Yet I continued to stay stuck in the cycle of restriction and bingeing on food.  I thought more control with food and more exercise would help, but it didn’t.  Binge and emotional eating is an internal problem and so it needs an internal solution.  We need to do that inner work and part of that is learning to trust our bodies again.

I hope you found this video helpful today and if you want to join us in the EAT FROM LOVE private Facebook group we’d love to have you!  I’m on a mission to help women break free from the diet cycle because I truly know how dark and hard it can be.  I get how it can affect every area of your life and how stuck it can make you feel.  I want you to know there is another way.  A way that connects us to that inner guidance system and makes life easier.  A way to will give you freedom with food and peace with your body.

Xo, Richelle

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