Is Binge Eating Meeting Your Need For Variety?

Is Binge Eating Meeting Your Need For Variety?

Getting to the core of binge eating involves moving through a number of layers. From my experience it isn’t just one thing that creates the breakthrough. It’s a journey of unearthing, discovering and reclaiming. One of those layers I often see that contributes to binge eating is the need for variety.

We have 6 core human needs, variety being one of them. I often see women who struggle with food and body embodying traits of perfectionism. They are rigid in their thinking and constantly try to control their environments. This leaves little room for variety. They tend to be serious and avoid the variety of feelings in their body.

As women we are constantly shifting and changing throughout the different phases of our cycle. This still happens after we hit menopause. We grow up in a patriarchal society and learn somewhere along the lines that we need to adopt more masculine, rigid and linear ways of being to achieve, feel worthy, etc. In the process, we ignore our feminine essence and force ourselves to exercise, eat, work, network, connect and feel the same every day, every week, every month.

We’re ignoring something that is so innate within us. We suppress our own truth and adopt an identity that we’ve learned will keep us safe, get us love and/or help us achieve. We disconnect from the fluidity of who we really are at our core. As women we are fluid beings who experience life differently depending on what phase of our cycle we’re in. And this ability for variety in how we feel, what we want to embody and what we need in each phase meets that need for variety.

When we reject this part of ourselves, we need to meet the need for variety in some other way. This can very often happen in the form of binge eating. So how can you start to embrace the variety of your inner essence? Here are 4 tips to get you started:

-Become more intimate with your emotions. Learning to accept, honour and be with your feelings and emotions requires a surrender of control and a trust in your ability to ride the waves of life.

-Deconstruct your structured identity and move into a more fluid identity. When you feel into each moment and decide how you want to show up based on feeling, rather than operating in a conditioned way, you get to play with different possibilities.

-Start doing intuitive movement to one song a day so that you can feel into your body and understand how you’re feeling. I love using intuitive movement to process emotions or access different states. I will use music that is aligned with how I’m feeling or how I want to feel.

-Learn about and track your cycle, so that you can understand the patterns of each phase. Everything from energy, emotions, nourishment and relationships shift. I’m coming to the end of A Year of Love Masterclass with Kelsey Grant and we got to learn about the different archetypes we embody during the 4 phases of our cycle. These include the maiden, the mother, the enchantress and the wise woman.

It gets to be fun as you explore and embrace your inner world of variety. Moving through a layer deeper as you get closer to the core of who you are. So I’m curious, can you see that binge eating is meeting your need for variety?