You Lose More Than Weight When You Go On A Diet

You Lose More Than Weight When You Go On A Diet

Diet culture tells us that when we lose weight we will therefore become happy, popular, successful and more. It shames us into thinking that we aren’t good enough and that our bodies are somehow wrong if they don’t fit societal ideals of the thin, lean body. Diet culture basically tells us that we’ll get everything we want in life if we just lose weight. This is a fallacy as diet’s not only don’t work but they won’t create the feelings and experiences we’re really hungry for.  The truth is, we lose far more than just weight when we go on a diet.

When you go on a diet you lose your ability to listen to your own bodies signals as you begin overriding them with what the diet plan says. You override hunger and fullness signals and even signals about what foods do and don’t work in your body.

You lose joy in eating as it begins to become a chore to be so focused on planning and scheduling and restricting what you can eat. Dieting leads to binge eating, and when this happens you start to see food as the enemy.

You lose relationships. When you are so focused on changing your body with dieting, your own relationship with yourself needs work. We can’t sustain and build healthy relationships with others unless you have one with yourself first.  Read my post for Tiny Buddah, Why We Can’t Have Healthy, Happy Relationships Without Self-Love to learn more.

You lose your self worth. When we base our worth on our physical bodies and our ability to follow a diet, we lose our true self worth as that only comes from within and we’ll never succeed at dieting.  For more on this topic read my post, Your Body Is Not Your Worth.

We lose our connection to our body. When we stop following our own body’s intuition we get stuck up in our head with perfectionistic and fear based thinking.  We stop being able to drop into our body and feel into what’s right for us with everything in life from food, exercise, careers, relationships, where we choose to live, vacations, mentors, etc.

We lose our voice. Dieting and the pursuit of the perfect body, keeps women small and quiet. It keeps us distracted from using our voice and stepping into our power for more important things in life.

We lose happiness. When we seek to control our body we think this will make us happy. In truth, happiness comes from within so we’ll never find it no matter how much we change our body.  Happiness requires inner work.

We lose money. Yes, whether it’s money spent on diets programs, books or products. It’s all a waste of money.

We lose our physical health. Dieting malnourishes our bodies and puts it in starvation mode, affecting our hormones, digestion and immunity.  To learn more read my article for MindBodyGreen, 4 Things I Learned From Overexercising & Undereating.

We lose our shit, aka our emotional health! Our moods become unstable from imbalanced blood sugar, hormone imbalances, neurotransmitter imbalances and nutrient deficiencies.  The negative thoughts about our bodies keep us in a lower vibration and our thoughts can overtake our emotions.

You Lose More Than Weight When You Go On A Diet

We lose our spiritual connection. When we get stuck in the diet mentality this takes us away from knowing there is a higher power supporting us. As we spiral down into the dark cycle of shame and fear we get farther away from light and love.

We lose our true purpose.  Your purpose in life as a woman is so much more than losing weight.  The problem is, when all you focus on is weight loss, food, exercise and your physical body, you won’t be able to tap into your hearts true calling.  We’re all on this earth for a specific purpose and it’s up to you to find that.

We lose sleep.  Dieting as I’ve explained already affects our blood sugar and hormones, which in turn impacts our sleep.  Many women start to struggle with sleep when they are under eating, which greatly impacts our mental and physical health.

We lose control with food.  Sounds counterintuitive I know, but when we restrict our bodies increase our hunger and cravings to prevent us from starving and we start to feel out of control around food and experience binge eating.  To learn more read my post, Your Problem Isn’t Lack Of Willpower, It’s Too Much Control.

We lose self love.  Diets come from a place of fear.  When we operate from fear and make our choices based on fear of weight gain, it’s impossible to love our body at the same time.  Fear and love can’t exist together.

We lose trust.  Diets are based around the fact that we can’t trust our own body’s abilities to regulate and keep us at a healthy weight for us.  When we stop listening to our own body’s signals, it’s telling our body we no longer trust it.  Watch my video on How To Trust Your Body here.

We lose the abundance mindset.  Abundance is all around us but many of us operate in a scarcity mindset, including with food.  We plan out our diets and then end up binge eating all the foods we’re not allowed on our diets, because we know we won’t be able to eat again for awhile.

We lose gratitude.  It’s hard to feel grateful when you wake up every morning angry at yourself for over eating the day before or hating your body.  When we are so focused on the negative things in our life, even if they’re just created in our minds, we can’t see the beauty in life to be grateful for.

We lose our passion for life.  When you hate your body and constantly feel shame, it’s impossible to embrace your passion for living life.  There’s so much to be passionate about, but when your mind is taken over by thoughts and fears around food and your body the passion becomes dimmed.

We lose the opportunity to heal the root issue.  When we continue to try to use an external fix for an internal problem, we’ll stay stuck and never get to the root cause of your issue with food.  Truth be told, it’s not about food at all and goes much deeper, which is why the inner work is required.  Read my post on, Are You Being Honest About Your Relationship With Food, to see if you’re just getting comfortable in your pain and settling.

As you can see, you lose more than weight when you go on a diet.  If you are ready to end your fight with food, stop the diet-binge/emotional eating cycle for good and fall in love with your body and life my 12 week EAT FROM LOVE Journey for women may be for you.  This program is all about looking deeper underneath the food and working through the reasons you reach for food to cope.  Send me an email at to set up a free Choosing You Chat to see if you’re a good fit.

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