Your Problem Isn’t Lack Of Willpower, It’s Too Much Control!

Your Problem Isn't Lack Of Willpower, It's Too Much Control

You white knuckle it through the week, ignoring your hunger and tracking everything that passes your lips, so you don’t go over your allotted calories for the day. By the time the weekend rolls around you find yourself head first into a pint of Ben & Jerry’s. You seem to go through this same cycle over and over again, and sometimes you can hold out longer but inevitably the binge comes, whether it’s an hour or days long. If only you had stronger willpower.

The problem isn’t a lack of willpower my dear. No, it’s too much control.

Confused? Allow me to explain. Willpower is not infinite, and it shouldn’t be involved with food. When we try to fight our own bodies needs we will fail. Our bodies survival instincts are stronger than willpower will ever be. This is why we need less control and more intuition.

Diets restrict us of necessary nutrients and calories for all the bodily functions that go on inside of us. This makes our bodies think we are entering a famine and they will do everything in their power to make us find and eat food. This looks like increased hunger and cravings, as well as over time our metabolic rate will slow to meet our intake to conserve energy. This is why many people gain weight easily after dieting. Their metabolic rate is slowed and when they go back to eating “normally” the weight can pile on. The exact thing they were trying to avoid.

We need to learn to listen to our bodies so we can give it what it needs.

And trust me, your body wants to be healthy and achieve homeostasis. When you follow diets and plans you stop listening to your body’s signals. You might not eat even when you’re hungry, because according to your plan it’s not time for your snack yet.

I used to do this. I would be starving at 10am but my snack was scheduled at 10:30am. So, I would force myself to wait the half an hour to eat my snack.  And I would continue to do this throughout the day until my hunger and cravings were so out of control by the time I got home at the end of the day. The perfect storm for a binge.  The weight gain and lack of “perceived” control would make me feel guilt and shame. I’d be angry with myself and these negative emotions would then perpetuate another binge. And so the vicious cycle would continue.

When we follow a plan we lose our intuition. The thing is, that no one will ever know what our body needs best, no one but our own body. Our body is the best nutritionist we’ll ever meet!

So many people live in an unconscious state most of the time, which makes it impossible to listen to the signals our body is sending. When we don’t listen, our body ends up having to scream at us with worse symptoms and eventually disease. For me this looked like amenorrhea, adrenal dysfunction with low cortisol, an underactive thyroid and depression to the point of becoming suicidal. For others they may develop an autoimmune disorder, some sort of digestive issues, a physical injury, etc.

You need to learn to trust your body and to do this it’s vital to learn mindfulness.

It’s vital to look within and become quiet. It’s also vital to uncover faulty belief systems so you can update them and permanently shift the thinking that keeps you stuck in the same self-destructive behaviours.

Releasing control and trusting can be scary. Many people feel they will lose complete control, but the truth is when you do this you no longer need control. The universe supports you and your body has it’s own innate wisdom that will not fail you, if you listen to it.  So no Your Problem Isn’t Lack Of Willpower, It’s Too Much Control.

If you need help with this process, contact me for a free discovery session at  Also join the EAT FROM LOVE private Facebook group so you can surround yourself with other women that are on this journey too.

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