Your Struggle With Food Is A Gift

Your Struggle With Food Is A Gift

You might not think so in the moment, but your struggle with food is a gift. Hear me out before you stop reading. I know if someone would have told me this in the midst of my own struggle I would have wanted to smack them. How in the world could all this internal pain and suffering be a gift? The universe has shaken you to awaken you my dear. This is a calling to do the deeper, inner work so that you can create a shift in your life and step into your power.

It’s so true when I say the struggle with food and the diet-binge cycle is actually not about the food at all. This is just our coping mechanism. Others choose alcohol, drugs, sex, gambling, shopping, the list goes on. This is why your attempts at using more control with different diets, more restriction, different exercise programs, etc. are not working. No matter what you do, you find yourself back in the cycle of binge eating and not able to sustain healthy eating habits.

Why is this? It’s because you have inner work to do girlfriend! This is a gift! There’s stigma around the need to work on our mental and emotional health. It’s often seen as having to be broken or having something wrong with us when we need to go to therapy or counseling. This couldn’t be further from the truth. It takes initiative and strength to want to look deeper, grow and become the best versions of ourselves. Not everyone realizes this or gets to the point of wanting to grow in their life. Many people stay stuck, but that is not you my friend.

Looking within is about learning what our limiting belief systems are, the thought patterns that keep us stuck, learning how to feel our emotions. It’s about learning mindfulness and becoming more conscious instead of going through life disconnected and unconscious. When we connect back into our bodies, it’s life changing as we begin to trust our intuition again.  You learn to let go of perfectionism and have compassion for yourself. You embrace vulnerability and stop living from a place of fear and choose love instead. This inner work impacts your whole life, relationships being a big part of that.

This struggle with food is a gift because it’s telling you that there is another way to live.

Struggle makes us stronger. Struggle helps us be grateful. Struggle can empower us to grow, if you so choose. Struggle is a catalyst for change and growth. We can’t have light without darkness. So yes, your struggle with food is a gift.  This is your opportunity to stop living disconnected and stuck in your head.  This is your opportunity to reconnect to your body, become mindful and elevate your consciousness.  The first step… get quiet, get still and just be.  Learn to be, instead of alway keeping yourself busy or occupied.  This is where I love the practice of yoga, mindfulness and meditation.

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