Why I Think You Should Feed Your Inner Child Ice Cream

Why I Think You Should Feed Your Inner Child Ice Cream

I talk a lot about intuitive eating and listening to our bodies when it comes to food.  As you know I am not big on labelling the way we eat or creating rules and restrictions around our diets.  I have addressed the fact that when we release control it doesn’t mean we will eat all the things, all the time.  When we truly listen to our body and not our mind, we will more often than not reach for whole foods.  Our bodies want to be healthy and feel good, but sometimes we get a craving for something like ice cream of fries, which I think we should feed our inner child.

I am not in any way saying these foods are bad, because I don’t believe in good and bad foods or clean and dirty foods.  I do however agree that yes, there are whole foods and there are processed foods.  Our bodies are smart and know that whole foods will provide them with more energy, nutrition and vitality.  Sometimes though, we eat for different reasons than hunger and health.  Sometimes the little girl in us needs to have fun and eat some ice cream.

When we ignore our inner child’s needs she will sabotage us, which can look like binge eating or eating the whole container of ice cream when you finally give in.

My inner child doesn’t want rules.  She wants to run free, play without a worry in the world and eat ice cream.  Sometimes it’s coconut milk ice cream like I had last Wednesday after dinner, other times it’s a DQ Blizzard like the M&M one I had last weekend on the way home from a weekend of playing in the mountains.  The important part is that you make the decision to honour your inner child’s need and then don’t shame her after you eat the food.

Think about it.  When you were 10 years old and you wanted a sundae, how would you have felt if your parents told you that you weren’t allowed to because it was going to make you fat.  How would you feel if they shamed you after you ate that sundae telling you that you had no control.  That you were bad and you needed to go run for an hour now to burn it off.  That’s abuse and you would never tell your 10 year old self these things, but you are telling that inner 10 year old child the same thing.  There’s an inner child in you that needs to be loved and taken care of.  That needs to feel safe to express herself, that needs fun and sometimes she needs a damn ice cream sundae.

I think you should feed your inner child ice cream.

Rules and control make her want to push back harder, while sabotaging your efforts.  Instead set boundaries because you love her.  This could look like making sure you get some veggies in during the day too.  When your inner child feels safe, loved and taken of she won’t rebel.  She won’t eat the whole box of oreos.  She will eat her veggies when you don’t restrict her of things like ice cream.  So yes, I think you should feed your inner child ice cream.

This post was inspired by the last call we had for the Hungry For Happiness certification I am taking to be certified as an Intuitive Eating And Body Freedom Coach.  We’re diving into all things trusting our body’s, inner child work, hunger signals and more!  To follow along in my own aha’s as I go through this training join me in the EAT FROM LOVE private Facebook group.  This group is for women who struggle with the diet-binge cycle and ready to look underneath the food and do the deeper work to change their relationship with food and their body forever.


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