Why Empowered Vitality?

Why Empowered Vitality?

Why Empowered Vitality? I had someone ask me once what my business name means and then say he didn’t like it. This made me sit down and think about why I chose this name and even considered changing it, because it’s not immediately clear what I do.  I’ve decided to keep it and I’ll explain more about what it means to me and how I got to the point of naming a business in the first place!

You can read about my story on “My Why” page, but I’ll also share a bit here. For so long I struggled with confidence, had low self-esteem and terrible body image. I was always called shy as I rarely spoke up and always tried to blend into the background. Of course I was loud and myself with family but I’m talking about school, work and being out in public. I remember when I got my first job in high school, other than working at my mom’s hair salon. I got a job in the produce department of a grocery store and actually ate my lunch in the bathroom on my lunch break, because I was too shy to go into the lunch room by myself. Yes, I was that self-conscious and riddled with anxiety of the thought of people looking at me as I entered the lunch room. So I sat on the toilet wolfing down my sandwich so I wouldn’t be caught, because that would have been even more embarrassing than walking into the lunch room.

I struggled with a disordered relationship with food, exercise and my body.

I really put so much worth on what my physical body looked liked and after about a year with anorexia I began to struggle with binge eating. I used excessive exercise to purge my binges. I could never get myself as thin as I’d been than when I was anorexic and hated my body. I felt so completely uncomfortable in my body that I stopped going out, I stopped seeing friends and I stopped living. The majority of my 20’s were spent with an inner turmoil that I hid from others.

I was so out of tune with my body and didn’t listen to any of the signals it sent me. I didn’t know what intuition was, and thought I was weak, broken and lacking willpower. This struggle and terrible relationship I had with myself affected every other relationship in my life. I’d already mentioned that I stopped seeing friends, but the relationship with some of my family also became affected. This was partly because I didn’t know how to set boundaries, and also because my own mental and spiritual health were falling apart. I ended up entering a relationship with a guy that was very pushy, talked terribly about women and just fed into my own disordered thoughts about my worth being based on my looks and weight.

This dysfunctional relationship lasted almost 5 years and I finally built up the courage to leave and move in with my dad and brother at the age of 25. There’s a lot more to this story with health issues and eventually hitting a rock bottom where I became suicidal one night. Like I said, you can read more at “My Why” page or this post is going to get too darn long!  I just wanted to explain a bit so that you understood how much I struggled in my head. I’ve done a lot of work to improve myself in body, mind and spirit.

This journey of mine has initiated a strong desire to help other women.
  • I spread the message that the diet industry is BS.
  • That our worth does not lie in our weight, looks or size of jeans but rather from within.
  • That exercise and nutrition is great but not the only aspect to health.
  • That being “skinny” or whatever other societal norm is popular, won’t magically make you happy.
  • That eating less and exercising more will only lead to messed up health in the form of hormone imbalances, an underactive thyroid, messed up digestion and more weight regain.
  • That our thoughts are powerful and will manifest so we better be conscious about them.
  • That we need to connect to our higher power to find true health and happiness.

I could go on with all the lessons I’ve learned!  That brings me back to why I chose Empowered Vitality as my business name. From the beginning these two strong words where very prevalent for me. These words are a picture of true health in mind, body and spirit. These words make a statement of how I want to help women and how I want you to feel.

Empower in the dictionary means make someone stronger and more confident, especially in controlling their life and claiming their rights. Or more simply, to give power to someone.

Vitality in the dictionary means life force, health or the ability to love or exist. It is derived from the Latin word vita, which means life.

For so long I felt disempowered and completely stuck, a victim in my own life. I didn’t feel vital at all. I was struggling with my physical health because I was undernourished, yet bingeing on processed foods. I also pushed myself into adrenal dysfunction, an underactive thyroid, amenorrhea, digestive issues and more. My mental health suffered as I dealt with anxiety, depression and finally hit a rock bottom the night I became suicidal, because I just couldn’t take it anymore. My spiritual health, long ignored, spoke to me that night and from that point I’ve delved into connecting with my highest self and believing there is indeed a higher power that has my back.

I want other women to experience the growth I have. I want other women to feel empowered in their lives. I want other women to experience vitality. This isn’t to say we won’t still experience obstacles. No, I still do and sometimes daily. It’s just that when we grow those obstacles become bigger to allow for more growth. We grow from challenges and struggles.  We need the yin and yang of life.  Darling if you’ve been blessed with a similar struggle as me, know that you chose that struggle to learn and grow. Know that you are strong enough and that you get to experience real change in your life.

Your struggle is a gift that’s shaken you to heal on a physical, emotional and spiritual level.

If you are ready then contact me at Empoweredvitality@richelleludwig.com to set up a free discovery session.  You can also join my growing Facebook group EAT FROM LOVE, where I provide the most value.  This is a private group for women that are either working on or are free from the diet/restrict, binge/emotional eat cycle, learning to love their bodies and find true happiness and health.

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