You Can Gain More By Consuming Less

You Can Gain More By Consuming Less

When I started on my journey of health it started out with physical health, therefore I consumed information on nutrition and exercise. Then I began to focus more on hormonal health and consumed information again on nutrition, physical activity, sleep, stress reduction and all things that support hormonal health. When I focused on my digestion, I did the same. Then I started to focus on my mental, emotion and spiritual health and again consumed all the information I could get my hands on in the form of podcasts, books, blogs, etc.

We live in a world today with easy access to so much information, but we have to be careful about it’s validity. I think it’s important to learn because what we don’t know, well we don’t know. There comes a point however, where we need to stop consuming and spend some time connecting. It can get to the point where there’s so much information that it can get confusing and contradictory. This is where there is power in going within and getting the answers from your own body.

There are so many different people in the world with so many different perspectives. If we are constantly following other peoples directions, this can serve to further disconnect us from our own innate wisdom. I remember when I was trying to heal from Adrenal Dysfunction and Hypothalamic Amenorrhea and my doctor recommended the Paleo diet. I had been eating a vegetarian diet and then shifted to removing grains, legumes and dairy from my diet. I learned that more fat in my diet was more satiating, but then ended up eating too low carb for too long.

Over time I started to listen to my body again and added my breakfast oatmeal back in, rice, quinoa and whatever else felt good for my body. This balanced my blood sugar best and made me feel good, energetic and sleep deeply. The same goes with the spiritual journey. For a long time, I was only consuming information, but wasn’t integrating it. I wasn’t speaking my truth or setting boundaries. I wasn’t truly learning how to feel my emotions without attaching to them or identifying them. I was still running around in a glorified busy state and not creating space in my life to connect.

Anytime I had space, I would fill it with a podcast, webinar, social media, etc. It was like I was afraid to be with myself and to be honest I still struggle with this at times. We can’t learn about ourselves if we don’t take that time to be still and quiet. To reflect, to feel and be.  I have definitely spent money on courses in the past that I never ended up using or that didn’t serve me.  The first place I always needed to start with was connecting to myself.  Once we’re able to do this, our intuition can guide us in which courses we should take, or which coaches we should work with.  There is still plenty of benefit in learning, but not when we aren’t integrating it and listening to our innate guidance.

When you consume less, you can actually gain more.  You can gain that connection to you inner guidance, your intuition.  There is nothing more knowledgeable for your body than your own intuition.  The deep wisdom she holds can guide you with nutrition, movement, career, relationships, money and everything else that requires a choice in life.

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