My Word For The Year Of 2018 Is Surrender

My Word For The Year Of 2018 Is Surrender

Each new year I choose a word to set my intention for the year. This is my third year doing this and although I’ve never been into resolutions, I enjoy having an intention to come back to throughout the year.  I’ve chosen growth and connection in the past.  This last year was an immense year of learning and growth. I went the deepest I’ve ever gone into peeling back the layers of who I’m not and it’s just the beginning.  My birthday coincides closely with the new year so I’ve written a 2 part post on all the things I’ve learned, which I will be sharing next week.  Something that’s come up time and time again this year and with this work, is the need for me to surrender and release all control. So, going into 2018 my word is surrender. I want to fully surrender to the flow of the universe and let myself be divinely guided.

Everything is happening for me in perfect timing.

I mentioned in a social media post a month or so ago that I had realized I was still holding onto exercise as a form of control over my body. Even though I had released diet mentality with food and was no longer over exercising, as I was only doing 3 HIIT workouts per week, when I got really honest with myself, I was still holding onto exercise as a way to control my body. It got to the point where I was noticing all my body really wanted to do was more of the physical practice of yoga.

So I slowly released that control until I had stopped doing my workouts completely. It feels really good and to my surprise, my body actually released some weight. I’d had a story that if I just did yoga I would gain weight because the last time I tried that I ‘d still been struggling with binge eating and did gain weight. I didn’t this time because of the work I’ve been doing to release emotional weight. I surrendered my control over my body and in return she responded.  My body wants to use movement for joy, connection and play.

Surrender is not just about my physical body though. I want to surrender my control over every area of my life and let my intuition guide me. To build that deeper connection with my intuition I need to surrender my expectations of how I think things should be. Our imaginations are limited and I don’t want mine to hold me back from the bigger plans the universe might hold for me this year.

I want to surrender old beliefs that no longer serve me and keep me playing small.  Beliefs that tell me I’m not worthy and therefore affect my actions and results.  I want to surrender masks, like perfectionism, which block me from being my most authentic self.  I want to surrender protectors, like being busy so that I can truly just be, feel and connect.  I want to surrender fears that block me from stepping fully into my power.

Surrender also plays a role in me stepping more into my feminine energy and out of the masculine. I tend to be in my masculine a lot, doing, doing, doing, which affects my relationship with my man. It prevents us from connecting intimately at times because I can’t get out of my head. I want to slow down and be more, which will take lots of surrendering to what my head tells me needs to get done. I’ve learned and experienced that when there is that polarity in my relationship there is more attraction.

I’m excited to see where I’ll be after a year of surrender.  I know that it will only deepen my connection to myself and build innate trust.  What word are you choosing for 2018 as your intention?

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