I want to help you come back home to the wisdom of your body, so you no longer have to be distracted by the fight with food and your body, and can really step into who you already are at your core.




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Hey lady! I’m Richelle, a food freedom coach and yoga teacher.  I help women end the diet-binge cycle, reconnect to their body and feel fully again.

I spent many years myself fighting food and my body, completely disconnected and stuck in my head.  I learned at a very young age, like many of us do, that my worth was in my physical body and looks.  I learned that fat was bad and skinny was good, and to get love from others I had to fit the societal ideals I saw in magazines and movies.

My struggle started with anorexia, but quickly turned into a binge-restrict cycle in which I used exercise to purge my binges.  The thing I’ve come to know is that food is not the problem.  Food is just a symptom of deeper wounding, pain and issues we haven’t looked at.   This is why more control with food in the form of diets and restriction does not work. It’s a bandaid approach and we can’t use an external fix for an internal problem.  We need to go within.

Just as the struggle with food and our bodies impact all areas of our life like relationships, finances, health & wellbeing, our self-esteem and confidence; the work also helps all these areas.   The work I talk about is peeling back the layers of who you aren’t to get to the core of who you are.  It’s about removing the masks we wear to protect ourselves, letting go of the identities that keep us stuck, challenging the beliefs we’ve borrowed and feeling our fears then looking at their validity.  It’s about connection.  Connection to our body, our inner child, our intuition and our higher selves.

The work is about really feeling emotions in our body and honouring them by allowing them to move through us, instead of stuffing them down or avoiding them with food, social media or any of our other coping mechanisms.  Often we think we do feel emotions, but what we’re actually feeling is the suffering created by the stories in our minds.  As you can see this work has very little to do with food.  At this point, I’m sure you’ve tried diet after diet, plan after plan, program after program that all involve the focus of food and control.  The packaging and title may have been different but essentially they are all the same thing; a quick, external fix.  I know you’re ready to try something different.  You can feel that there is more for you than this struggle with food and your body and you’re sick of it holding you back in your life.

I know what it’s like to struggle so much, feel like you’re broken and that something is deeply wrong with you.  I get it.  I also know what it’s like to find your power, uncover your truth and move into becoming who you are at your core, which is only light and love.  I want the same for you.






Work With Me

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VIP One-on-one Coaching

The Illuminated Woman Journey

This is for the woman who is ready to end her battle with food and her body.

She understands that she needs to go deeper but isn’t sure where to start.

Maybe you’ve been reading books, listening to podcasts and consuming information but are finding you’re not experiencing shifts like you’d hoped.

This is for the woman who is ready to let go of control and do the work to build connection and trust with her body.

This is for the woman who knows she is meant for more and is done having her issues with food hold her back.

This is for the woman who is ready to stop using external fixes to heal an internal issue.

This is for the woman who is ready to face her fears, beliefs and identities.

This is for the woman who wants to experience freedom, peace and lightness in her life.

This is for the woman who has a high level of personal responsibility and is willing to look at the parts of herself she doesn’t like right now.

This is for the woman who is done trying to become something and is ready to be who she already is at her core.

This is for the woman who wants to release perfectionism and people pleasing.

This is for the woman who is ready to do something different and change her life.

This is not for the woman who wants a quick fix.

This is not for the woman who is only focused on weight loss.  In fact, it’s not something we focus on at all.

This is not for the woman who isn’t ready to take personal responsibility and is looking for someone else to fix her (hint: you’re not broken).


In the Illuminated Woman Journey, I want to help you look underneath the food because food is just the symptom of deeper issues.  I want to help you peel back the layers of what is no longer your truth. I want to uncover all the reasons you turn to food as a coping mechanism.  I want to guide you back home to your body so that you can relearn how to feel fully and reconnect with your intuition.  I want to guide you towards real self-love, which is less about bubble baths and more about changing your relationship to the parts of you, you think are unlovable.

This journey is about bringing light to the pain you’ve been avoiding, learning how to stop using food to numb it and feel it fully in your body.  This then allows your true light essence to shine through. We can’t access our full potential for joy and lightness until we also dig into our pain and darkness.

If you’re ready to illuminate your life and end the battle with food and your body sign up for a discovery call so we can both decide if we’re a good fit to work together!

What it involves:

  • Minimum 4 months coaching
  • 60-minute weekly video call
  • Access to me throughout the week with email and FB messenger to which  I will respond within 24 hours during the week
  • Weekly personal inquiry work and embodiment practices
  • Tools and Frameworks to help you increase your emotional intelligence
  • A deeper understanding of who you are and the beliefs, masks, protectors, identities and fears that hold you back
  • Work on shifting those beliefs and creating new ones to support your journey and where you want to be
  • Work on healing past wounds and learning how to give yourself the love, validation and approval you seek outside yourself
  • Journal prompts, meditations and practices to guide you through the process of coming back home to your body
  • This is not a cookie-cutter approach and each session is individualized based on what is present in that moment and intuitively led, although we cover a deep array of topics and concepts as well.

Food Freedom Workshop Series

The next Food Freedom Workshop Series starts on November 22nd, 2018.  Click here for more information and to apply.

Client Testimonials:

“When I started working with Richelle I was feeling completely defeated with trying to heal my relationship with food & my body. 

Suffering through years of disordered eating & just recently becoming a diet culture drop out my anxiety was at an all-time high & ability to cope with the fall out of trying to navigate NOT dieting & binging was completely overwhelming me. 

I felt I had done it ALL. READ ALL the self-help, did so many programs, therapy, listened to all the podcasts, and I KNEW all the facts, information & resources. The missing piece for me was INTEGRATION. I realize now my frustration & defeated feelings were coming from “spiritually bypassing” – I was consuming information & never actually integrating it into my body. 

I wanted to work with Richelle because she explained to me the difference between working with other professionals I had in the past & with a Coach, she said “Coaching is more progressive in my experience in that we dig a little bit into the past for context but it’s more about moving forward ….it’s much more about embodiment rather than just the cognitive stuff…” 

That was exactly what I needed. The integration piece. Embodiment. 

Working with Richelle has been so incredible. I’m so grateful for our calls each week. She asks such amazing questions & helps reframe things in a way that redirects you to the root & allows you to really uncover things on your own, a lot of the time it’s a surprise to me too! 

She’s so intuitive, compassionate but also really clear. I love that she has also been through all of this herself & totally GETS it. She’s in the trenches too doing her own work & it gives me hope as to the freedom I can also come to have in the future. 

This has shifted SO much for me in such a short time. I’m completely amazed. It’s like night & day. I no longer feel defeated, I feel empowered & more connected to my body & my intuition than I ever have. I’m reconnecting to myself in a way that I never knew was possible. 

I am able to access a feeling of safety in my body that has always been missing for me. I have so many tools & resources to help me access my highest self – the self-awareness I have now is really such a gift. That ability to take a step back, take yourself off autopilot & make decisions from a place of real clarity & connection – from your truth – it’s priceless. 

One of the biggest things I’ve gained, that I didn’t even really expect or realize I really needed, is compassion & acceptance. For myself & for others. It’s completely changed everything. 

I have been recommending Richelle to anyone who will listen to me! I honestly think EVERYONE should have access to this work & Richelle is SO amazing at what she does. I honestly feel like working with her is the best decision I’ve ever made for myself & my well being. 

I can’t express my gratitude enough. I know this is just the beginning & I can’t wait to continue to SHIFT.”  🙌🙏❤️

~Rayna Graham


“I have spent a lifetime struggling with my weight, my body image and distorted thinking that came along with believing that arriving at the perfect weight, would allow me to achieve happiness and joy in my life. As the years progressed I knew that this cycle was not only unhealthy but was depriving me of the happiness and joy I so desired. This began the search for a new way of “weight loss”. What I found was something so much more. I believe it was through divine intervention that a lifelong friend happened to post on their Facebook site a message that resonated with me, and with that I found Richelle. I began to follow her and her message spoke directly to the heart of what I was searching for. We booked a discovery call and with further information about her cognitive approach to the way women view food and our distorted thinking about body image and food, I signed up for her program. At the beginning, I was hesitant and have to say I feared this being another “program” that just might lead me further into the cyclical patterns of the past. But with Richelle’s guidance, this program brought me enlightenment, growth, insight, and helped to put me on a path to healthy thoughts, healthy movement, and a beginning of an incredible journey that brings with it new consciousness and understanding each day. Is this easy, NO, is it worth it YES, if you are ready to move away from that cycle of lies and untruths and move toward embracing yourself, loving yourself, and accepting yourself, then I wholeheartedly recommend this program. It has brought a self-awareness into my life that has allowed me to begin to LOVE me.”

~Sharon DeVries















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Please email Richelle at info@richelleludwig.com